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For fun, functional & quality at home online workouts via Zoom or FaceTime, it is best to have:

  -stability ball (45-65cm) -dumbbells (light, med, heavy) -resistance bands/tubes (light-med-hard) -BOSU ball 

  • Bring up to 5 friends and have a private class for $90/$15 ea.
    1 hr
  • Enhance the way you move and feel with functional training.
    1 hr
    65 US dollars
  • Combat sport specific resistance training and strength & conditioning
    1 hr
    50 US dollars
  • Learn which foods support you and your health and which ones hinder it
    30 min
    40 US dollars
  • Relieve headaches,TMJ, neck, shoulder, back & sciatic pain/discomfort
    1 hr
    80 US dollars
  • Guided breath work to get out of fight/flight & get into rest/recoup
    30 min
    36 US dollars
  • Stretching, Compression, Traction, Cryo-therapy, R.O.M. w/Limbs & Head
    30 min
    45 US dollars
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