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Full spectrum fitness
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Martial Arts

Personal Training

Strength & Conditioning

Stress Management Modalities 

With focus, consistency and support anything is possible... show me the will & I’ll show you the way!


Frank machado

My approach to being a holistic health and fitness coach is to enhance the quality of my clients lives by improving human performance at all levels, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Having overcome the ill emotional effects of childhood bullying and abuse, which resulted in self-hatred, depression, obesity and addiction, I can teach you the techniques and modalities that worked for me, allowing me to actually be happy and comfortable in my own skin. 

I’ll help you improve your: *Strength *Balance *Timing *Coordination *Mind-Body awareness *Self confidence

*Self esteem and teach you how to achieve a healthy life style.

  • AFFA Certified Personal Trainer - 1992

  • Ct. Center for Massage Therapy LMT - 1993

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Sport & Exercise Nutrition Coach- 2016

  • Continuing Education:

  • *Primal movement patterns - A neuro-developmental approach to conditioning, by Paul Chek

  • *Movement that matters - A practical approach to develop optimal functional movement skill, by Paul

  • Energy Healing Class - 2016 t0 2018

  • Kundalini Yoga teacher training - 2019

  • And much more


Martial Arts Training:

- Tang So Do - Tae Kwon Do - Aikido - Hapkido - Judo

- Muay Thai - Jiu-jitsu - Wrestling (folk, freestyle, trap)
- Boxing


CHOOSE YOUR modality

All services offered are specific to improving the quality of your life!

1.Being able to defend yourself and loved ones can be lifesaving and empowering.

2.Being stronger makes life easier, more manageable and builds your self confidence.

3.Having the knowledge and know how to change the toxic self talk to uplifting self coaching.   



"Because of Frank’s extensive knowledge, I was able to recover from injury and pass the special agent fitness test with ease. I can’t thank him enough for the training.“ 

FBI Special Agent Michael


"Training with Frank is like working out with an old friend, having fun getting fit while being encouraged to reach your goals.”

Don O.


"I’ve been getting Massage from Frank for the last 18 years and honestly consider him an integral part of my self care routine."

Alan L.



Frank machado

Holistic Health & Fitness Coach

622 Main Street

Branford, CT 06405

Tel: 203.494-8810

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